For this upcoming season, the Chicago Bears should get one of these movie quarterbacks.

I have been a lifelong Chicago Bears fan. I am with them in good times and in bad. For the last several years, it had been a lot more bad than good. There is one problem that has been haunting the team for years. That is the lack of a decent quarterback. I am not even asking for a great one. No need for a Hall of Famer here. I just want one that is serviceable. Is that too much to ask?

The only exceptional quarterback in Chicago Bear history is Sid Luckman. He still holds many team records. The sad thing is he played in the 1940s when passing was not a big thing in the game. Besides winning a Super Bowl, what else did Jim McMahon do? He was always hurt. Disappointment after disappointment. With the number of quarterbacks that have been on the roster during the Green Bay Packer Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers eras, they could probably fill a whole team of all QB's.

There are a lot of rumors floating around about the team picking up a new quarterback this season by either signing a free agent, trade, or the draft. I am going to be realistic. That is not going to happen. Nick Foles is going to be the starter in 2021.

There is no way the Bears are going to get a Pro Bowl player like Deshaun Watson. They are living in a fantasy world. Well, since they are living in the land of make-believe, I think their best move would be to sign a fictional quarterback from a movie.

I figured I would help them in the decision-making process because obviously, they can not get the job done. I have watched plenty of football movies in my day so I think that is a good enough resume to work for the team.

Movie Quarterbacks The Chicago Bears Should Sign For Next Season...

5. Uncle Rico from "Napolean Dynamite." In the movie, he said he could throw the ball over a mountain and if the coach put him in the game, they would have won state. I like his arm strength and confidence.

4. Joe Kingman from "The Game Plan." The Rock can do it all, enough said.

3. Johnny Utah from "Point Break." Keanu Reeves would have been on the top of my list but that knee injury has slowed him down. It caused him issues while trying to catch the bad guys.

2. Willie Beaman from "Any Given Sunday." Jaime Foxx showed the world he could place once he finally got his chance.

1. Johnathon Moxon from "Varsity Blues". James Van Der Beek took over when Paul Walker got hurt. He also won the battle between him and that evil coach.

Who would be your pick of movie quarterback to play for the Chicago Bears?

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