After getting into an argument with his manager, a fast food worker made the situation much worse by destroying the restaurant.

Manager And Employee Relationships In Illinois Aren't Always Good

It's a fact of life. Not everyone gets along. Especially, all the time. There are plenty of examples of managers not liking their employees and vice versa. A particularly difficult workplace relationship has to be between workers and supervisors in the fast food industry. I would say it's not the ideal situation for either side.

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Argument Between Illinois Fast Food Manager And Employee Turns Ugly

The incident in question happened at a Popeye's restaurant in Chicago. Apparently, the manager and one of the employees got into a major blow-up. It caused the worker to lose it and then the situation turned very ugly quickly. It got so bad, the police had to be called in.

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The Popeye staff member was very upset with his manager. The suspect had not received a paycheck for the hours he worked. Before you get angry at the business, there is a good reason why the man hadn't received a check yet. This guy never filled out the proper paperwork. It is a requirement to sign up for direct deposit in order to get your money. The employee refused and demanded cash which wasn't possible.

Since the problem didn't go his way, the employee freaked out. He pulled out a knife and started tearing up the place. The suspect destroyed food and broke a computer. The man pulled money out of the cash register before taking off. The guy thought he deserved that cash. The police were called and he was arrested. It was all his fault but I'm sure he's thinking the world is against him.

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