Are you a creature of habit? When it comes to what you eat each day, do you mix it up or stay the same?

I catch crap all the time from certain people for my eating habits. I can eat literally the same thing everyday, several times a day, for weeks. It cuts down on prep time, cuts down on the money I spend, and if I'm training for something I know exactly what is going into my body at all times.

Now eating the same thing everyday can have its negatives too. If you are a double burger and fries everyday for lunch and dinner, well I don't have to spell that one out for you.

According to NBCNews there are some great pros and cons to eating the same thing each and everyday...check these out pros


  • Reduces calorie intake 
  • Saves money
  • Reduces stress
  • Creates healthy habits


As we get out of quarantine situations and maybe have gained a few, something as simple as staying consistent might be the answer.

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