A store clerk in Illinois was attacked by a drunk woman armed with jumper cables.

I don't think I would want to work in a store nowadays. The job sounds like it can get dangerous at times.

According to pjstar.com,

"An irate customer used jumper cables to repeatedly strike a store clerk, who hit back with a broom."

A woman in Peoria walked into a deli and started complaining to a worker that the floor was slippery and could have gotten hurt by falling. She appeared to be drunk.

The lady returned later to argue with the store clerk. She also knocked items off shelves. He grabbed a broom and followed her out of the business. He then threw a snowball at her.

The customer then used the jumper cables out of her car as a weapon. She hit the gentleman several times with them. He tried to protect himself with the broom.

The woman then took off.

Police are investigating the incident.

This isn't the first store clerk in Peoria to be attacked.


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