There are no perfect parents in the world but these women should definitely be nominated for bad mom of the year in Illinois.

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Bad Mom Of The Year Nominees For Illinois

I'll be the first to admit, that I'm not a perfect parent. My mother and father weren't either. In fact, they don't exist. Everyone makes mistakes. The main thing is to keep your children safe. Unfortunately, these bad moms in Illinois went above and beyond in suckiness. They need to be nominated for bad mom for the year. I believe both have a good shot at winning.


First Nominee For Bad Mom Of The Year In Illinois

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Our first nominee is from Lockport. This mom thought it would be a good idea to leave her two children (ages two and three) in her car while she hung out in a Joliet bar. By the way, she was busted doing it on two separate occasions. Her criminal record reads like a thick book. Plus, the woman currently has three warrants out for her arrest. If that doesn't say bad mom of the year, I don't know what does.

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A woman from Lockport's Dellwood Avenue who Joliet police say left her small children inside her parked car while she frequented two different neighborhood bars this summer now faces new felony charges from the Will County State's Attorney's Office of Jim Glasgow.


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Second Nominee For Bad Mom Of The Year In Illinois

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Our second nominee for bad mom of the year in Illinois is from Villa Park and was arrested in Elmhurst. This woman thought it would be a good idea to ride her bike drunk with her two-year-old child on the back. She fell off the bicycle and injured her kid. Luckily, the little one wasn't seriously injured. I think this mother has a shot to win too.

Arrested woman in handcuffs behind her back

An intoxicated Villa Park woman was arrested in Elmhurst this week after she fell off her bicycle while trying to ride it with a 2-year-old child on board, police said.


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