2019 has been a crazy year for grocery stores and the internet. It all started when some psycho licked a tub of ice cream and put it back in the freezer. Then it escalated to people drinking out of jugs of tea. And THEN it got to the point where one woman licked a tongue depressor at a DOCTOR'S OFFICE and put it back.

The worst part of all of these? They filmed it. So this new grocery store nonsense is similar, but it's not being filmed so it's harder to catch the culprits.

This new one is just inconsiderate and unsafe. Someone in Arizona bought baby formula, took it home, replaced it with flour, then returned it. A new mother ended up buying the returned formula. Fox details -

Madeline Roque told Phoenix's KPNX last month that her 9-month-old daughter Adeline fell ill after consuming the contents of a package of baby formula she had purchased from Walmart. She said she fed her daughter three bottles before noticing something was wrong. She said her daughter had been crying, vomiting and passing a lot of gas.

So this is a warning to all mothers and basically anyone who shops at grocery stores. People are crazy, so always be conscious of your food before you or your family consumes it.
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