Maya isn't the first Cub dog to make an appearance at Wrigley this year. 

Earlier this year when Anthony Rizzo finally made his return from a back injury his dog, Kevin, was there on the jumbotron wishing his dad a happy welcome back to the team.

Now we have manager David Ross and his dog, Maya, playing fetch in the outfield after the Cubs took out the Brewers in Sunday's final game of this season's opening series.

Ross got Maya, a Bernese mountain dog and poodle mix, for his kids after finally giving in to frequent requests. He was worried he wouldn't have the proper time to watch after the dog but was soon proven wrong:

SunTimes - Ross bonded with Maya at spring training in Arizona. After baseball shut down in March because of the pandemic, Ross had a constant companion. Nowadays, he walks Maya by the lake and in the neighborhood surrounding Wrigley, watches ‘‘SportsCenter’’ with her on the couch and scratches her head while digging into “Ivy,” the Cubs’ internal scouting database, on his laptop.

The two have reportedly become pretty inseparable and since there aren't too many people at the ballpark these days, Maya regularly comes to work with dad and hangs out with the team.

Maya isn't an unofficial mascot for the Cubs yet but if she becomes a sort of good luck charm for the club, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Maya (and hopefully Kevin as well) in the near future.


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