Since wings are a very popular appetizer in Illinois, where can you find the best ones in our state?

Becoming A Fan Of Illinois Wings

My first experience with wings was actually as a pretty young child. I remember my mom taking me to the grocery store to figure out what I wanted in my lunch for school. We went to the deli counter and I saw wings. I thought they looked like mini-fried chicken legs. I loved those so a smaller version should be tasty too. I was correct and that became a regular meal in my rotation.

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Searching For The Best Wings In Illinois

My friends and I are always on the lookout for the best wings in Illinois. Whenever we go out to eat and see them on the menu, they're a must-order for the table. Honestly, the majority of the time the group enjoys them. We rarely get a stinker. Sometimes, there's a next-level find which is a bonus.

Best Wings In Illinois
Best Wings In Illinois

I love to hear other people's recommendations so I recently conducted a survey on social media to find out some top places to order wings throughout the Rockford, Illinois area. The results were kind of surprising. One restaurant ran far ahead of everyone else. Then, there was the rest of the pack. It proves the point, that when it comes to wings everyone has their favorite.

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The Top Ten Places In The Rockford Area For Wings

#1 Baked Wings

  • Not surprisingly, they received the most mentions in the survey

#2 Jax

  • Another great choice that can back it up.

#3 Neighbors

  • I can recommend them.

#4 JoJo's

  • Just added it to my must-try list.

#5 Rockton Inn

  • Worth the short drive out of town.

#6 Windsor Pizza Parlor

  • A nice added bonus with their pizza.

#7 Hooter's

  • They serve wings?

#8 Da Catch

  • How haven't I been to this Rockford staple ever?

#9 Homemade

  • A few people bragged about their own.

#10 RIP

  • Pour some hot sauce out for Cronies and LTs.

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