A finger gets bitten off during a fight in Chicago between two barbers.

I've been in the working world for many years, so I've experienced several different interesting situations. I've gotten in arguments with co-workers but I've never been angry enough to start an actual fight.

Apparently, at a barbershop in Chicago, things got so heated between two staff members that a physical confrontation started.

According to wgntv.com,

"A barbershop employee had part of his finger bitten off after an argument turned violent. Two employees, ages 51 and 55, were arguing inside the barbershop when it escalated into a physical fight. The 55-year-old man bit off part of the 51-year-old’s middle finger on his right hand."

Now, that's brutal. Has the slight feeling of Mike Tyson. That guy must have been really mad about something. I would love to find out the whole back story.

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