If you enjoying eating pizza, you may want to make plans to visit the Pizza Museum which is opening soon in Chicago.

I'm a huge fan of pizza. My family jokes that I could eat it every day.

So, I'm pretty darn excited for the new "Pizza Museum" opening soon in Chicago.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"The U.S. Pizza Museum is getting a home at the Roosevelt Collection. The museum is slated to open August 10th in the mixed-use development in Chicago’s South Loop and is scheduled through the end of October."

Kendall Bruns is the museum founder. He started it in 2015.

It was originally set-up as a pop-up exhibit but it finally has a real home. At least temporarily. If the demand is there, the museum will stay open at that location longer. Maybe even permanent.

The exhibits will include

  • Pizza art
  • Pizza-themed clothing
  • Pizzeria menus
  • Pizza ads
  • Pizza toys
  • Pizza-themed magnets
  • Pizza books
  • Pizza records, such as “Let’s Have a Pizza Party” by The Gaylords.

The "Pizza Museum" founder has many other ideas including

  • Museum store with pizza-related items
  • Special events
  • Art activities
  • Book signings
  • Dough-making demonstrations
  • Pizza parties
  • Mobile pizzerias parked outside of the museum

Sounds like this could become a big deal.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it's open Fridays 5pm - 8pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 6pm.

The location is 1146 S. Delano Court West in the Roosevelt Collection.

Tickets on sale HERE.


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