Would Illinois ever allow legal Bigfoot hunting?

I think it all started when I saw him make an appearance on one of my favorite television shows as a kid, the "Six Million Dollar Man." I have been a fan of Bigfoot ever since.

I remember I even ask Santa for a Bigfoot action figure one year for Christmas. I actually got it. The doll was part of the "Six Million Dollar Man" toy collection. Sometimes, I would even pretend my Chewbacca Star Wars action figure was Bigfoot too. I also owned a Bigfoot t-shirt.

I am not exactly sure why Bigfoot is so popular, Maybe, it is because he is such a mystery. Plus, there is a slight chance he could be real. I believe that is the most fascinating part about it.

I have watched plenty of documentaries about the beast too. When I was younger I would read about it. Nowadays, there is so much more out there about Bigfoot. The internet and social media are loaded with material.

I have never personally had a Bigfoot sighting but I know there have been some in Illinois and not far from Rockford. Check it out, HERE.

The reason I have my doubts about its existence is no one has ever captured one. With today's technology, it should not be that difficult. One state is trying to encourage the tracking of Bigfoot.

According to mystateline.com,

"An Oklahoma state representative filed legislation this week to establish what he hopes will be a boon for local tourism – a Bigfoot hunting season."

I am all about finding out the truth if Bigfoot is real or not but I would be considered that this would cause a hunter to kill it. Well, do not worry. They have thought about that.

"He doesn’t want people to actually kill Bigfoot, so he will be working with the state wildlife and tourism departments to craft the final language for his bill that specifies only the trapping of Bigfoot. He also hopes to secure at least a $25,000 bounty for the first person to trap the mythical creature."

Do you think that could ever happen in Illinois? I would not be surprised. All states are copycats and if it is about making money, the other ones will follow. Just think, Illinois needs the cash which this could generate. Plus, there have been sightings here. Sounds like we have a match.

Dear Mr. Bigfoot, I think it is time to move to Canada.

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