Could home delivery of weed be the next logical step for legal marijuana in Illinois?

Anniversary Of Recreational Marijuana Becoming Legal In Illinois

New Year's Day 2023 marks the third anniversary of recreational marijuana becoming legal in Illinois. Residents waited for hours in horrible winter weather just for the chance to purchase pot legally for the very first time in our state. It's been a huge success ever since generating millions of dollars in revenue.

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Could Cannabis Home Delivery Be Coming To Illinois?

Home Delivery Became Big Business In Illinois

Another business that became massive for Illinois in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, home delivery started making big money. Since people were stuck in their houses, they started mail-ordering everything. Companies that never offered the service before immediately added it for customers. All of a sudden, just about any product could be brought directly to your home.

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Could Cannabis Home Delivery Be Coming To Illinois?

What's The Next Step For Legal Marijuana In Illinois?

So the big question is, what's next for legal marijuana in Illinois? Why not combine these highly successful businesses to create even more revenue for our state? Plus, it could be a great service for customers. I'm talking about home delivery of weed. Once the government officials see the dollar signs, I'm sure they'll be all about it.

According to, 

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker said he is open to the idea of allowing marijuana home delivery in Illinois.


Proponents of home delivery say consumers are now accustomed to getting everything delivered to their homes.


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