I guess you could consider this an important learning moment for why you shouldn't accept mystery packages delivered to your home.

Strange Package Delivered To A Home In Wisconsin

This situation happened recently in Richfield. A couple received a package delivered to their home. They didn't think much of it because nowadays everyone gets multiple things in the mail all the time. It's just natural to grab a box dropped off on your front porch because someone who lives there probably ordered it.

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This time it was a little bit different. The mystery package was addressed to one of the residents of the home. When they opened the box, it contained three iPhones which the person never ordered. At this point, they were very confused.

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Mystery Package Delivery In Wisconsin

Mystery Package In Wisconsin Brings Serious Problems

Then, a stranger showed up on their doorstep. They demanded the package. The man said the delivery was made to the wrong address and claimed he had the same name as the homeowner. The resident refused to turn over the mail so the suspect got really upset and tried forcing his way in. The victim was able to push the uninvited visitor out the door.

According to tmj4.com,

The scared homeowners immediately called the police. When officers arrived, they took the mystery package. The cops explained that it was probably a case of attempted identity theft. A while later, the suspect returned but this time armed and with a friend. They broke into the home a confronted the residents. They explained that the box was handed over to the authorities. Surprisingly, the intruders took off and the homeowners were left unharmed but still really scared.

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