Which do you think is more popular in Illinois, smoking cigarettes or weed?

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Cannabis Has Become Very Popular In Illinois

Ever since Illinois legalized recreational marijuana, the industry has gone through the roof. The pot business has generated millions of dollars in just a short amount of time. The number of residents that partake in a little weed is way up.

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Smoking Cigarettes Is Out

On the opposite end of the spectrum, smoking cigarettes is out. Thankfully, it is no longer a "cool" thing. More and more people are quitting every day. Apparently, people figured out it's bad for you. Plus, think about how expensive smoking is too.


What's More Popular, smoking cigarettes or weed?

That's a very good question. For years, it was cigarettes. There is a new champion. Now, that cannabis is legal, pot is dominating.

According to mystateline.com,

In a recent survey, more people admitted to smoking pot than cigarettes. That was the first time ever. 16% (record high) of potheads to 11% of smokers. That jumped up from 12% of stoners last year. Cigarettes are down from 16% previously.

It’s the highest percentage of reported marijuana use and the lowest percentage of past-week cigarette use since Gallup started asking those questions in 2013 and 1944, respectively.


Bloomberg, Getty Images
Bloomberg, Getty Images

More Tobacco Vs Marijuana Stats

The all-time low for marijuana is 7%. On the other hand, the most for cigarette smokers was 45% (in the '50s). 50% of adults say they've experimented with cannabis. That's up 4% from the original survey in 1969. Overall, residents are 50/50 when it comes to supporting its effects on society. Record high 68% agree it should be legal.

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