Possible Bigfoot sighting caught on dashcam video.

The question has been asked for years. Does Bigfoot exist? I've always been fascinated, so if I see something about a possible sighting, I have to check it out. Here's the latest.

According to brobible.com,

"Now, an oil worker claims to have spotted Bigfoot and even caught it on his dashcam as he was traveling around 30 miles east of Banff Park near Nordegg, Alberta – a geographical hot spot for Bigfoot sightings and encounters, according to one of the videos’ descriptions on YouTube."

Here's the video...

Oilfield Worker Captures Bigfoot On Dash Cam

"In a second, follow-up video, the oil field worker returns to the area after reviewing his dashcam footage and it revealed “a tall dark figure standing near a wellsite lease road near Nordegg” in Alberta."

Here's that video...

Oilfield Worker Captures Bigfoot On Dash Cam (Follow Up)

What do you think?

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