Possible Bigfoot sighting in Midwest caught on HD video footage with sound.

I'm fascinated by stories about Bigfoot. With technology improving every day, will the question finally be answered? Is Bigfoot real? I think it would be a lot cooler if he was.

Here's the latest...

According to brobible.com,

"Alas, the hater will have absolutely zero ammo to use after seeing this 100% legitimate, crisp, and clear footage of a humanoid Bigfoot-like figure wandering through the woods in Ohio’s Salt Fork State Park. The HD footage also showcases some chilling audio of a bellowing figure in the woods which is another point of contention for the naysayers. They claim if Bigfoot is real then why don’t we hear him or her on the regular? I’m sure there are one or two haters out there in the world that will claim this isn’t 100% indisputable proof that Bigfoot exists but I think those haters are wrong. So we can agree to disagree on that. It’s definitely not a hunter walking around in a furry suit. No chance."

Check out the footage for yourself...

Video: Salt Fork Ohio Grassman - Bigfoot - Sasquatch

What do you think, is Bigfoot real?

Video: Sasquatch Expert Captain Dale McKenna



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