If you've recently witnessed something strange flying through Illinois you're not alone because many people have spotted UFOs so far this year in our state.

What's The United States Government's Stance On UFOs?

For many years, the United States government's answer about anything UFO or alien related was deny, deny, and deny. Even though, citizens have been witnessing unexplained strange things for many years. Recently, our country's officials have had a change of heart and changed their stance on UFOs. They are still saying that aliens don't exist.

According to patch.com,

After decades of denying their existence, the Pentagon has acknowledged UFOs are real and may explain what you’ve seen in the skies over Illinois.


And although a task force reviewed hundreds of new reports of UFOs in 2022, there’s no evidence of alien life, officials said in a required report to Congress earlier this year.


UFO off country road.
UFO Sightings In Illinois

UFO Sightings In Illinois For 2023

It's been a banner year so far in 2023 for UFO sightings in Illinois. There have already been 31 reports from witnesses to the Pentagon. They categorize them as unexplained anomalous phenomena or UAP. The National UFO Reporting Center keeps track of the statistics. Here are a few highlights.

According to nuforc.org,

  • The first UFO sighting in Illinois for 2023 was in Quincy on January 11th. Several witnesses spotted a floating object with many different lights for about ten minutes.
  • The most recent occurrence was on May 17th at Midway Airport in Chicago. It was reported that residents in that area saw fast-moving lights for a couple of seconds.
  • On April 24th in Belvidere, a lighted triangle flew close to the ground for two minutes.
  • In Woodstock on April 27th, people in that area reported catching the view of a spacecraft with a bright light on the top and a flashing one on the bottom.
  • Another sighting in DeKalb on January 14th. Citizens saw Chevron in the sky.
  • For more Illinois UFO sightings in 2023, HERE.

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