This Wisconsin judge put his foot down and ORDERED Corey Curtis stop getting it on. Too many kids, too many women. JUST STOP! SG

Mr. Curtis has nine kids, with six women and does nothing to support any of them. So when Corey appeared in court at Racine, Wi he was told enough is enough.

The judge said that Mr. Curtis's:

"frequent breeding was to be curbed as a condition of his three-year probation term."

So, Mr. Curtis you will not be able to procreate by orders of the court. That is amazing. He owes around $90,000 in back child support, and was told that child number 10 cannot enter the world UNTIL that was paid off.


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I've heard about bizarre sentences in the past, like a judge ordering someone to wear pink and stand on the side of the road. Or there was one where a judge ordered a person that frequently littered to clean up the highway with his bare hands. But ordering someone to NOT procreate. Wow! I guess throwing down the "hammer of justice" can only be done by the judge and NOT Mr. Curtis.

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I wonder if this dude will stick to this? I mean, father of nine with six different women? That's quite the life. Obviously a goal oriented and driven individual. You gotta have goals...

Anyway, best of luck to this "machine" hope you can, resist.

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