The reason these thieves in Illinois robbed a gas station will blow your mind.

Is Stealing Worth Breaking The Law?

It's a very good question, especially for criminals. Is stealing worth breaking the law and possibly going to jail? My answer is absolutely not. I'm pretty sure that thieves would strongly disagree. They're just thinking of all the loot that they can grab for nothing. The consequences are never on their mind. Otherwise, they wouldn't do it.

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Why DId Theses Illinois Thieves Break Into This Gas Station?

The scene is a convenience store attached to a Marathon gas station located on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. It is after hours at around 3:35 am. The business is closed and locked up for the night. An Alarm goes off in the building. The local police show up immediately but it's already too late.

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Three thieves break the glass entrance door to illegally enter the gas station.  Each suspect took a bunch of cartons of cigarettes and took off through the exit. The alarm started going off. They must have gotten spooked because they didn't stick around to find out what was going to happen next. Luckily, the owner didn't leave any money in the cash register.

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The suspects got away before the police arrived but they've got video surveillance footage of the actual robbery that includes the getaway vehicle which is an SUV. I'm sure it won't be long for they're captured. All that to steal cigarettes. I know they're really expensive but it still doesn't seem like a big payoff considering the risk.

The Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen From Illinois Residents

My mom once told me that "people will steal anything that's not nailed down." Times certainly have changed since then. The thieves now have nail removers.

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