Here's another list for ya, Illinois! This one isn't like best "corn of the cob," or anything all. This is all about states with ghettos, and which states have the worst ones. Yikes.

Nick Johnson prides himself of providing the "straight truth" about America. In this video, Nick tours the country in search of run down areas that are at their worst:

The 10 WORST GHETTOS I've Ever Driven Through in the United States

Nick explains each area he drives through, and talks about the economics of each state. Here's a brief breakdown before we talk about WHERE in Illinois this ghetto area is located:

In this video, I’m going to run through the WORST ghetto hoods I’ve visited. These are all places where areas are rundown and neglected, where the crime is really high and people are poor. Now in MY opinion, the worst hoods are all in the northeast. Sure, the west coast has rundown areas, but the west coast is much more new, so the hoods don’t have that grimy, gritty rundown look. Midwest hoods look really bad, and southern hoods have large areas where there are clearly a lot of issues. - Nick Johnson 

So Illinois...coming in at #5, with East St. Louis. The part about this segment that floored me was that Nick referred to ALL of this as ghetto. Usually it's certain areas of the town/city...Not East St. Louis. It's ALL OF IT.

Here's Nicks video:

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