A high-speed chase with Illinois and Wisconsin police leads to the arrest of shoplifters and the recovery of $18,000 worth of stolen merchandise.

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Thieves Make Big Score From Beauty Supply Store In Illinois

Four thieves enter an Ulta Beauty Supply Store In Highland Park. They took off with $18,000 worth of merchandise. The suspects jumped in their vehicle and sped away. Their goal was to reach to Wisconsin border to escape being arrested. The shop employees immediately called the police.

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Police Start High-Speed Chase With Beauty Supply Thieves

The victims gave a great description of the getaway vehicle. It was a silver Honda Accord with Wisconsin license plates. Police caught up with the suspects on the I-94 tollway. The Wisconsin police took over the pursuit when the thieves crossed the border. The officers followed them as they exited off the highway.

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Wisconsin Police Arrest The Beauty Supply Thieves

Once the chase left the highway, Wisconsin police were able to set up a roadblock to stop the criminals. The thieves gave up without a fight and were arrested. The police found all of the $18,000 worth of Ulta Beauty supply store merchandise in the vehicle. Just to add insult to injury, the officers also discover the suspects' weed hiding in the car.

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Why Steal $18,000 Worth Of Beauty Supplies?

If I was an officer on the case, my first question would be "why steal $18,000 worth of beauty supplies?" I really want to know. Is there a black market for it? Where they're going, they won't need any merchandise from Ulta. Congrats to the Illinois and Wisconsin police for working together to make this arrest.

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