After traveling over 100 MPH for 115 miles down Illinois highway, police make $250,000 drug bust in Effingham.

Illinois Criminals Always Make Mistakes

I've talked about it many times. There needs to be some sort of school for breaking laws because these criminals are always getting busted for not being smart. Time and time again, it's dumb criminals committing stupid crimes. This is another perfect example.

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First Mistake By Criminal During Recent Illinois Drug Bust

I believe the number one rule of thumb for criminals in Illinois is to not attract attention to yourself. The driver was transporting a huge amount of illegal drugs. He committed traffic violations in front of a squad car, so the officer wanted to pull him over. Come on man. At that point, he should be driving like someone who just got their license.

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Second Mistake By Criminal During Recent Illinois Drug Bust

The next bad decision he made was trying to run instead of pulling over. They're not going to get away. At some point, they're either going to stop, catch, or track you down. Now, you've made a horrible situation so much worse for yourself. Hopefully, you can get a Snickers before going to jail because you're not going anywhere for a while.

Massive Illinois Drug Bust After Long High Speed Police Chase

Massive Illinois Drug Bust

The suspect took the police on a 115 mile high-speed chase. He was driving recklessly at over 100 miles per hour and swerving through traffic. Police were finally able to stop him with the PIT maneuver near Effingham. The driver had $250,000 worth of drugs in the vehicle.

According to,

Deputies recovered 80.3 pounds of cannabis and 760 ounces of Promethazine, a schedule 2 narcotic, from the vehicle.


They estimated the street value of these drugs to be more than $250,000.

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