A $120 million lottery winner in Wisconsin didn't know he won for weeks.

At some point in our lives, most of us had that dream of hitting a big lottery jackpot. Unfortunately, you already have huge odds against you, but they get even bigger when you don't play.

I don't buy lottery tickets regularly but I've been known to pick one here and there. I'll usually grab an impulsive scratcher when I'm checking out at a gas station. When there's an enormous amount of money up for grabs, I'll make a special stop to purchase some.

Here's the one thing I know. When I do get one, I check the numbers right away. I want to know immediately if I win. I don't understand why people wait but for some, that's the way they do it. There's a gentleman in Wisconsin that apparently likes to wait. Good thing he finally decided to look it over because he won big time.

According to kenoshanews.com,

"A Racine man has won a $120 million Wisconsin Lottery Mega Millions jackpot, from a ticket purchased at Kwik Trip. He didn’t realize he’d won the jackpot until checking his ticket weeks after the drawing."

Here's my favorite part of the story. "He has quit his job and is making plans for his winnings." Good for him. I would do the same thing. Those people who say they aren't going to change are so lying. Just kidding. If he needs anyone to hang out with, I am available.

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