More than 100 Illinois schools applied for the 25 Fusion programs, one school in the Harlem District was lucky enough to get one!


Governor Rauer revealed the list of schools on Tuesday that will be receiving the three-year Bicentennial STEM Fusion Program.

Windsor Elementary in Loves Park was one of the schools who will be receiving the honor of the math and science program.

According to, the Bicentennial STEM Fusion Program is:

"The Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) Fusion Program is a teacher professional development and student STEM enrichment program for Illinois students who are talented, interested and motivated in mathematics and science. IMSA Fusion places a special emphasis on students who are historically underrepresented in those areas.  Fusion works with teachers and students in grades 4-8.

Even though more than 100 schools applied only 25 Fusion programs were awarded. However, seventy other schools that have qualified will be getting a one-year curriculum.

Gov. Rauner said on Tuesday to those who were attending the list's reveal at Dubois Elementary School in Springfield:

“Educating our young and preparing them for work are endeavors that are bipartisan. Through this program, the Bicentennial is helping us see what we have in common. STEM Fusion from IMSA represents a unique asset that Illinois is applying to help encourage children set out on a path to the 21st century workforce.” has the full list of all 25 schools who will be getting the Bicentennial STEM Fusion Program.

I just happen to know one Windsor student who just happens to be a  budding scientist, that's really pumped about this program coming to her school!

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