He has never found a camera and microphone he didn't love. Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich speaks from prison.

Rod Blagojevich Sentenced In Corruption Case
Getty Images Frank Polich

After more than five years behind bars, our former Governor of Illinois speaks out.

According to NBC 5 of Chicago, a one of one interview with Rod Blagojevich was declined, but two separate one-hour phone interview were allowed. The former Governor set no rules or restrictions with his interviews but wanted to talk about his case, five years later.

Rod seems happy with his prison job of sweeping and mopping floors, claiming that:

"I don’t care what anybody says, I believe in clean government, and I believe in clean floors".

Rod Blagojevich maintains his innocents and compares himself to Al Capone:

"I’ve been given a prison sentence by the same judge who gave a mafia hit man (Al Capone)...he acknowledged under oath, a contract killer, my judge gave me a longer sentence than him".

Lastly, former Illinois Governor Blagojevich says that fellow inmates have been kind and call him "G":

"They call me ‘Dawg’ or ‘govvie,’ or sometimes they call me ‘G"

Check out this video of the full interview.





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