A traffic jam on a Wisconsin highway was started by a cat.

I think we all understand the difficulty of getting to work in the morning. You're tired. There's traffic. All you want to do is get to your destination without any major issues.

If you have a commute in a busy city or major road, any little thing can result in a major back-up.

What kind of havoc can a cat create on the highway? Apparently, a lot.

According to upi.com,

"Morning commute traffic was snared on a Wisconsin highway when deputies worked to capture a cat running loose in the roadway."

Check out the video from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

That doesn't look like a good time.

As the deputies were trying to catch the animal, the cars slowly drove by the situation starting a traffic jam. They eventually cornered the feline under a police car. The cat is currently at the Humane Society being checked out.

Hopefully, the commuters won't judge all cats by this incident.

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