Want one more thing to add to the list of "WTF is happening in 2020"? City officials in Beloit say they've spotted a big cat in a local park. AKA a cougar.

They posted on their Facebook page on Saturday to say an employee spotted a cougar at Big Hill Park. Here's the post from City of Beloit Parks & Recreation page -

WREX details similar encounters from previous years -

Two parks employees also reported spotting a cougar in Big Hill Park in 2015.

Last June, police in Beloit said they took a report from someone who saw a cougar near the foot bridge by Portland Avenue.

But there's no need to freak out, just something to be aware of. The facebook post shared all the information and details you need to stay safe that they got from the DNR.

I think my favorite comment on the facebook post came from Michele when she said -

Why not it is 2020???😂

That's exactly what I thought when I saw this news. Nothing can surprise me anymore. Today it's a cougar, but who knows what September will bring.

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