I don't think cats are cute. I don't think cats make great pets. I don't think owning one of the devils animals makes you a good person.

Cats make me sneeze, and itch, and sneeze some more...therefore I don't like cats. Now Double T is a cat guy, and that's totally fine. I have hung out at Double T's house, but I make sure I take drugs and have eye drops handy when I do, all good. Cats are still dumb. :)

This is a cat I can dig though. It's funny to me how pets have these human like instincts at times.This baby is heading towards stairs and this could have been REALLY bad.

  • First off, apparently this cat IS the babysitter.
  • Secondly. watch the cat try to grab the back of the baby with its teeth, like carrying a kitten.
  • Third, someone get this fur ball a year supply of catnip.

Enjoy this superhero cat, in action:

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