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Earlier this week I received a text essage from my family.


I knew before even asking that my kids had already given this kitty a name. Funny thing is the night before my guy and I were talking about getting another kitten maybe after the first of the year. Earlier this year we had lost our 2 senior cats and we missed having another cat around.

So this little guy came running out of the bushes in my backyard up to my oldest, who just so happenes to be a crazy cat lady. That's when I got the picture and knew that this little guy was incredibley lucky.

Just to make sure he didn't belong to someone else I posted his picture on Facebook and the Next Door neighborhood app. The Facebook post was in turn shared around a 165 times. Through those comments I found out that you can have the animal scanned to see if they have a identifiaction chip or not.

I called the Winnebago County Animal Services and they confirmed that will check an aniamal to see if they have a chip, your vet can do the same too.

Due to schedules and the hoilday I wasn't able to take him in anywhere until Friday, so I just made him an appointment with our Vet. He looked like he needed some medical TLC that a vet could provide anyway.

In the meantime this week, I had been checking social media to see if some had responded that they were his owner, but no one did. We also were all falling madly in love with the little guy.

Look at this face, it's hard not to.


Along with social media I checked the Winnedbago County webiste's Lost and Found page and also didn't see someone else looking for him. This page is a must-see if you have lost or found an animal locally. It gives you all the info needed to get the process going of finding the lost pet's owner or vice versa.

But at this point in the week, we were all hoping this little guy didn't already have a home because he was such a good fit in ours. Well, the moment of truth came today when I took him into the vet's office.

First things first, they scanned his back/spine area to see if he had a microchip, he didn't. To me that was the last piece of confirmation I needed to know he didn't belong to anyone use. He was our newest family member.

He came to us at the right time too. Poor little guy has ear mites and a upper respitory infection. I got him some medicine and he's already on the mend.

The girls named him Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King. This is because our other cat is a girl named Sally Deadly Nightshade. We really like The Nightmare Before Christmas and we got her 3 years ago on Halloween.

He's the sweetest little dude ever and I glad he found us!! He's snuggled up with me right now as I type this out.


See, my little Pumpkin King is the sweetest.

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