A dog in Illinois falls into a home improvement project but is okay after being saved by the local fire department.

Curious Pets Can Get Themselves Into Trouble 

Years ago, one of my cats managed to knock the cover off a vent. She climbed in and was roaming around inside the ductwork. Luckily, after several hours I was able to entice her close enough to the opening and pulled her out. She was no worse for the wear.

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Dog Trapped Inside Home Improvement Project

According to cbsnews.com, 

A man in Oak Park, Illinois was working on his house. His trusty sidekick was there with him. It's an older miniature pinscher who has trouble seeing. The job was on the second level of the building. The poor dog accidentally fell through a hole in the floor which was part of the project. The canine ended up getting stuck behind a wall down below. The owner tried grabbing his best friend but unfortunately could reach it.

Local Firefighters Save The Day

Don't worry, this story has a happy ending. The contractor called the local fire department and they sent out a crew to help. The dog was stuck in the first-floor bathroom wall. The firefighters were able to cut a hole in the wall next to the toilet. Then, it was a short reach to grab the scared animal. The puppy was fine, just a little dirty.

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