Thanks to the fast action of Illinois rescue workers, a man trapped under his riding lawn mower that fell in a pond was saved from drowning.

The Dangers Of Mowing Your Lawn In Illinois

Since we experience all four seasons in Illinois, if you're a homeowner there are many different responsibilities when it comes to keeping up with the maintenance of your house. During the summer months, one of your main chores is mowing the lawn. Though it seems like a fairly mindless task, there are definitely some risks involved because it is heavy machinery. Especially, when you're using a lawn tractor. You've got to be very careful.

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Lawn Tractor Accident In Illinois

A man in Oswego owns a pretty large piece of land. He even has a pond on his property. The gentleman purchased a lawn tractor to make lawn maintenance a little bit easier for himself. This dude enjoys taking it out for a ride. Recently, it seemed just like his normal routine but then disaster struck while he was mowing his lawn.

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He was going along the grass right next to the little lake when suddenly, his riding lawn mower tipped over. The man and his machine fell into the water. Unfortunately, the tractor landed right on top of him and he couldn't move. The victim could barely keep his face above the surface so he could breathe. Luckily, this guy was able to scream for help. A neighbor heard him and immediately called 9-1-1.

Dramatic Rescue In Illinois

Thanks to the fast actions of the rescue workers, they were able to save the man's life. Who knows how much longer he would've been able to hold on? In a surprise twist, he wasn't even injured from the accident. After a medical evaluation, he was fine. I'm a big fan of a happy ending.

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