While Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary never wants to turn down animals needing refuge, right now, they sadly cannot accept anymore cats.

Noahs Ark
Noahs Ark


That's the word from our friends at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in downtown Rockford. The Ark is closed for ALL cat intakes.

Currently, the Ark has over 240 rescued cats and kittens in need of adoption. Until they find homes for a lot of the cuties, they won't be able to accept anuymore.

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark

Adopt Two, Get One Half Off Kitty Special

For kittens, if you adopt two, the second kitten is half off.


if you find three kitties that you absolutely must bring home, the third is only $10 dollars.

If you adopt an adult cat and a kitten together the kitten is also half off.



"We desperately want to keep taking in the strays and sick kittens but we physically unable to with the limited space we have. Please understand if you call for help, when we say we can’t help right now, it’s not that we don’t want to, we just literally can’t :,("


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