Once you adopt a new pet for your family, then comes the hard part, coming up with a good name but don't worry I've got some ideas for you.

Owning A Pet Is A Great Idea For People In Illinois

I'm a big supporter of families owning a pet. They truly become a member of your family. I've had pets since I was a little kid. We had three different dogs and some fish when I was growing up. At our house now, for my daughter, we've had four cats, a hamster, and a goldfish. It's all been a great experience. I highly recommend it.

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The Most Important Part Of Pet Ownership In Illinois

Of course, it's vital to take care of your animals properly. I think that goes without saying. In reality, the most important thing is giving your pets a good name. It should be something cool and creative. You don't want to be embarrassed to tell your friends what you decided to call your little buddies. I've had a dog named Bear (Chicago Bears), and cats named Ozzy (Ozzy Osbourne), a black one named Sabbath (Black Sabbath), and Payton (Walter Payton).

Food stamps for Pets
Illinois Inspired Pet Names

10 Illinois Inspired Pet Names

If you're having trouble coming up with a good one, don't worry. I'm here to help. Here are some that are Illinois-themed. Feel free to use them. Don't worry, I won't sue you.

  • # 1 Deep Dish (famous Chicago-style pizza)
  • # 2 Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the U.S.)
  • # 3 Corn (popular crop grown throughout the state)
  • # 4 Wrigley (home of the Chicago Cubs)
  • # 5 Murray (beloved actor Bill Murray)
  • # 6 Capone (infamous mobster Al Capone)
  • # 7 Punk (former WWE Superstar)
  • # 8 Ditka (Chicago Bears Super Bowl winning coach)
  • # 9 Willis (tallest building in Illinois the Willis Tower)
  • # 10 Jordan (best basketball player of all time Michael Jordan from Chicago Bulls)

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