Things are looking up for Beloit, as two more business are coming to their downtown.

WIFR reports that Beloit's downtown area is adding a new restaurant and hotel to their burgeoning area.

The 500 Public Ave is abuzz with activity as Hotel Goodwin and Velvet Buffulo Cafe will soon be moving to round the food and overnight accommodations in the area.

The downtown area currently has the "Ironworks Hotel and Merrill & Houston's Steak Joint". In 2018, they will be joined by Hotel Goodwin and the Velvet Buffalo Cafe which will right across the street.

The new hotel is paying homage to and was named after the former luxury hotel, Goodwin House, that resided in Beloit's downtown until 1904. This hotel boasts of " 34 guest rooms, including two suites and a fitness center, while also offering a rooftop meeting room with an outdoor terrace."

The restaurant, Velvet Buffalo Cafe, is owned by the same company that oversees Merrill & Houston's Steak Joint. This new eatery will have a European cafe flare and will "be open seven days a week and provide catered events at the rooftop space at Hotel Goodwin."

Cool! They both sound fantastic to me. I'd loved to check out the food at the Velvet Buffalo.

These really are great additions to the continued growth and expansion of the night life that has resurrected Beloit's downtown.

It will be interesting to see how their new additions will effect the continued efforts proposed to revitalize Rockford's downtown area.



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