If you're keeping something a little suspect in an Illinois hotel room, it's always a good practice to make sure you have everything before checking out.

Traveling In Illinois Has Changed A Lot Through The Years

Going on vacation nowadays is definitely a lot different from when I was growing up. I remember going on road trips with my family as a kid. I don't think my dad would ever make a hotel reservation in advance. Wherever he decided to stop, that's where we would stay. The price was posted on the sign outside. If there wasn't a room available, we would just move on to the next town. We were usually there for a couple of days at the most.

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Nobody would travel that way in this day and age. You would book your stay way in advance. Most likely off some sort of discount reservation website to get the best rates. Back in the day, you would pay cash and maybe fill out a little information. The guests were basically anonymous. Now, the hotel won't let you in the building without knowing your life history and leaving a credit card on file. If you do anything to that room, there's no way to get away with it.

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Guns Left In Illinois Hotel Room

Guns Left In Illinois Hotel

Recently, some visitors were staying in a Courtyard Marriot Hotel in Elmhurst. Apparently, they needed some protection because the guests had guns with them. While in the room, they hid two weapons in a dresser drawer. The suspects forgot to completely search the place before leaving because they left the pistols after checking out. The maid found the guns while cleaning out the room.

 According to patch.com,

It won't take long for the police to track down the owner of the guns. The hotel has all their contact information. Hopefully, the weapons are legal because those guests could be in serious trouble. Too bad they didn't follow one of the main rules of staying in a motel. Double-check to make sure you have all your stuff before you check out.

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