I bet you didn't know that this household item, that you probably have in your home right now...is banned. CNN

Check this out, folks:

A rule issued in 2007, rolled back by the Trump administration, and updated last year by the Biden administration, effectively bans the sale of common incandescent light bulbs. The rule went fully into effect Tuesday, August 1. - CNN

TSM Rockford
TSM Rockford

That's right people, incandescent bulbs as of August 1st 2023 are banned.  The rule is, light bulbs must emit a minimum of 45 lumens per watt. A "lumen" a measure of the bulbs brightness.

The common, traditional bulb (what you probably have throughout your home) has 15 lumens...you law breaker.  Most LED bulbs kick out 75 lumens. Can you kick out "lumens?"

That effectively outlaws the manufacture and sale of common incandescent bulbs, the kind you screw into the vast majority of light sockets in your home. - CNN

So if you have them in your home you're cool...But they will be removed from the store shelves, and you must purchase different ones with more "lumens" from now on.

TSM Rockford
TSM Rockford

Now not ALL incandescent bulbs are banned, these are still a go:

  • Appliance lamps, including fridge and oven lights
  • Black lights
  • Bug lamps
  • Colored lamps
  • Infrared lamps
  • Left-handed thread lamps

Dude, a left-handed thread lamp? Is this a common thing?? I don't know what this is used for or where you find the left-handed thread lap, but that is pretty neat.

Here's what the ban means for the country...

The Department of Energy estimates the rules will save US consumers close to $3 billion on their utility bills, and project it will also cut planet-warming carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over the next 30 years. - CNN


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