Man oh man, this headline...I really think it's over. Forget UFO's and all the "news" that is purposely put out there to divide our country...Jumpin' freakin' Asian worms have taken over a Wisconsin town, the apocalypse is here folks. WEARE

So here's the deal, there's a compost site in Sturgeon Bay, Wi that is infested with these Asian Jumping Worms. There's a large pile of mulch that these flying creature apparently love.

How bad are these slimy jumpers? Officials are asking the public to not walk or drive behind any of the barricades that are set up at the compost sight. Wait, what? Are they going to jump on people and suck out their brains? That's what I'm going with.

So these jumping worms that are also referred to as  "earthworms on steroids," can violently "thrash around" and jump a foot high off of the ground. CBSNEWS

They also call these leaping worms, Alabama jumpers, Jersey wriggles, wood eel, crazy worms, snake worms and crazy snake worms. 

Here's the details from Sturgeon Bay, WI:

Sturgeon Bay FB
Sturgeon Bay FB

How about a video of these slimy little bad asses? These would actually make for a great prank...

So what do you "really do" to get rid of a sign of the apocalypse? That's a great question...You have to kill all these things, right? Can't flush them, tossing them in a lake would be pretty bad too.

You've been warned


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