Looks like Mother Nature is gonna turn up the heat on us this Labor Day Weekend...So let's grill! MosquitoJoe

With the extended weekend ahead of us, what do you like on the grill? What do you "need" for a BBQ side? There's lots of choices when it comes to getting the grill going.

When you go state to state across the country, the BBQ favorites are all making me hungry. It's so interesting to see what qualifies as BBQ favorites in different parts of the country. So here's an example: In Alaska they like burgers on the grill, French Fries as the side, and Lemon Square Cake as their dessert of choice. Interesting. What say you, America?

 Idaho and New Hampshire have developed a deep affection for pulled pork as their ultimate BBQ delight, while wings have soared to prominence in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Brisket has become a beloved favorite among residents of Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas, while West Virginia has maintained a long-standing devotion to the classic hot dog.

So what about here at home? What are the BBQ requirements here in Illinois?

On the grill: Burgers

Side: French Fries

Dessert: Brownies

Sauce: Honey BBQ

I need a little "heat" so maybe make that sauce a Honey BBQ Chipotle and then we are talking. Check out the rest of the country:


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