Another big problem in Illinois is students eating marijuana candy in school and having to be sent home or for medical attention.

Marijuana Candy Has Become A Regular Problem In Illinois

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Illinois but that doesn't mean all the residents are ready to try it. That includes anyone that is underage. Pot is for adults over the age of twenty-one. These kids need to wait a few years before they jump on the weed bandwagon. They just aren't mature enough to handle it.

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Each year, there are more and more incidents of kids stealing cannabis edibles from their parents and bringing them to school. They'll pass them out to classmates. Of course, after they kick in the effect freaks out the students. They usually get sent to the nurse. Depending on how high they get, there could be a trip to the emergency room in the future or home.

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Students At The Illinois Middle School Ate Weed Candy

The Latest Incident Involving Students And Weed Edibles

The latest issue with young kids ingesting pot edibles recently happened in St. Charles at Wredling Middle School. One of the students stole his parents' weed treats and brought them to school. He started handing them out to all of his friends. He even gave one to a staff member. It didn't work out well for anyone.

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Twelve children in all ate cannabis chocolate and had to be sent home from school. One of them even fell asleep in class. District officials are currently investigating the situation. At this point, there has been no disciplinary action taken. Hopefully, the trend of this kind of incident goes down soon.

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