It's like a scene from a "Cheech and Chong" movie coming alive and I definitely wouldn't want to live it.

Illinois Pot Heads Came Out Of Hiding

In the pre-legal days of recreational marijuana, cannabis fans had to really keep their hobby on the down low. They had to avoid any law enforcement to stay out of jail. Plus, it was extremely frowned upon by society. Any sort of smoke session could easily draw interest in a bad way.

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Boy, how things have changed. Since January 1st, 2020, everything is all good with weed in Illinois. It's both legal and acceptable in everyday life. People are no longer afraid to admit they enjoy smoking cannabis. The pot heads were finally allowed to come out of hiding and they aren't going anywhere.

Smoking Weed
Pot Smoke Set Off Illinois Fire Alarm

The Perfect Weed Smoking Session In Illinois

If you ever wondered what the ultimate smoking session would be like, then just watch an old episode of "That 70's Show." The scenes in Eric Foreman's basement are perfect. Getting together with friends, hanging out, listening to music, munching on snacks, and talking nonsense.

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Be Prepared For The Paranoia To Kick In

One of the side effects of smoking pot is paranoia. It doesn't matter if you were in the pre-legal times of the past or the modern legal weed era, any little thing could freak you out. This situation I'm going to share with you will blow your mind. I couldn't imagine dealing with this situation.

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Pot Smoke Set Off Illinois Fire Alarm

The Pros And Cons Of Major Smoke Session

I've found through the years that many fans of cannabis are very competitive when it comes to smoking weed. Who can puff the most? Who's got the best stuff? I could go on and on. It's funny to hear them talk trash. I think it's every pot head's dream to smoke up their place so bad that you can't see to the other side.

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Major Smoke Session Sets Off Illinois Fire Alarm

So, some guys were hanging out in an Illinois apartment. They were partaking in a major smoke session. The group felt like the pot head champions of the world. Unfortunately, they puffed on so much weed that it set off the fire alarm in their apartment. Someone had a lot of explaining to do for the police and fire departments.

According to, 

An officer responding to a fire alarm at 118 E. Schiller St. noticed smoke along with a strong odor of burnt marijuana. The officer found a green plant-based substance, which was placed into evidence. The alarm was about 8:30 p.m. Monday.

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