It might not seem like their kind of place to hang out but beware of the perverts lurking around public libraries in Illinois.

Interesting Characters Hanging Out At Public Libraries In Illinois

When was the last time you stopped by a library? I'm not talking about the one located at your kid's school. The one I'm referring to is a public one. Where anyone and everyone can go. If you stop by, I'm guessing it's for a particular reason so you're probably not paying too close attention to the environment. Next time, take a second to check out the situation. There are usually some very interesting characters.

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Most of the customers are really nice and take advantage of the services. You can borrow books, magazines, movies, music, and so much more for free. That's so nice for people who can't afford to purchase their own. Plus, it's a nice place to spend time reading and studying. The library also provides technology like the Internet. I would consider that one of the most popular things because going on the web is helpful in so many different ways.

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Illinois Library Receives Perverted Zoom Call

Perverts At The Library

Unfortunately, there are always a couple of bad eggs that ruin it for others. Every once in a while you'll read about some pervert doing crude things at a library. My wife's grandma used to volunteer at a library in the area. She used to have to clear out the internet history of the public computers because gross people would search for sick stuff and they didn't want kids to see it.

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Video calls like Zoom became our main way to commute with others during Covid and it has stuck around since. In some ways, it makes life much easier, especially for work meetings. Of course, the library provides that service too. It allows residents who don't have computers or the internet to be able to do job interviews. Unfortunately, one of those perverts got their hands on one.

According to,

Someone called the Elmhurst Public Library's Zoom account about 4 p.m. Monday. Upon answering the call, the person was found to be masturbating on camera. An investigation is pending.

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