Nobody is perfect, even pastors, but this kind of inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated by anyone in Illinois.

Uncomfortable Moment For Woman At Illinois Store

A few weeks ago, a Joliet lady was shopping at her local Target store. While she was looking around the women's section, she noticed a creepy guy just hanging out. He wasn't looking for any merchandise, he just was standing around and acting strange.

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The victim noticed the man was staring at her. She also noticed to suspect was taking inappropriate videos and pictures of her. He approached the woman and tried speaking with her. At one point, the pastor was following the lady around the store.

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Not A One-Time Offense For Pastor In Illinois

During the investigation, the police discovered this was regular creepy behavior for this pastor in Illinois. He was doing it quite a bit and scaring woman customers. Many times, he was taking upskirt videos of the poor ladies.

Police Car Lights
Creepy Illinois Pastor Kicked Out Of U.S.

Perverted Illinois Pastor Banned From Store

Finally, a victim complained about the pervert. When he returned to the store, the suspect was told by security that he had been banned from the store. They also informed him that he needed to go to the police station to talk about the situation with the authorities.

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Illinois Pastor Arrested

When the pastor arrived at the police station, he was immediately arrested. His church found out what happened so they fired him. He was in this country on a work visa from India. That was revoked so the government kicked him out of the United States.

According to,

A high-ranking Church of the Nazarene official in Chicago told Joliet Patch on Friday that Elias "Solomon" Jothi was terminated as pastor of Joliet's Crystal Lawns Church of the Nazarene once the congregation learned of Jothi's criminal prosecution surrounding several upskirt videos of a young woman shopping at the Target store on Plainfield Road.


His visa situation was totally connected, once he lost his job, he lost his legal status to stay in the United States.

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