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Zoom meetings have gone to the dogs...literally. Socially distanced and ready to get the bad guys, the Rockford Police Department has a Zoom meeting with Andi, Dutch, Kai, Sully, NXY, Otto, and Chief O'Shea....What could possibly go wrong?

2020 hasn't been easy on any of us. Work, family, pretty much any sort of social outing, this year dogged us all. Hats off to the RPD for bringing a little comic relief to us near the end of this stressful year.

Knowing some of the officers that are in charge of these K-9, I think it's safe to say these pups are way more behaved.

It seems like the chief has this Zoom meeting under control??

Thank you K-9 staff and Chief O'Shea for this needed laugh. Who's a good boy!?!

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