"Some folks will get alarmed by that number, but understand that one of the very basic functions of a government is to ensure that individuals have their voices heard. And while they're having their voices heard that they are safe from harm." - Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara 


$308,000...that is the number some folks will get alarmed by. According to WIFR that is the overtime dollar amount paid to the Rockford Police Department.

Here we are on the 21st of August at the city is 61% through the budget, which in $2.7 million. Does this "alarm" you? To say 2020 has been unpredictable would be an understatement. Heaven forbid the city is dealt another bad hand into the fall, then what?

Of course peaceful protests are a good thing, your voice can be heard in our great nation. But when things get out of hand on purpose, and threaten innocent community members that just want to enjoy Rockford, there will be consequences.

This isn't a question of your political stance of what side you take in protest "gathering," this is question of city money spent and the remainder of the year 2020.

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