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What city in Illinois is the drunkest?

So before we get to the answer, do you have any guesses for the most drinky city in Illinois? Which city in the state of Illinois can chug down the booze like no other? Who likes to party, and party, and party!?!

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No, it's not Rockford...and NO it's not Chicago. So now what do you got?? Nothing. Let's break this down:

This Illinois city has 363 bars/pubs and a population of around 115,000 people. I'm no Mathlete, but you have plenty of public drinking options in this city. GURU


This city is the center of attention, this city was "supposed to be" THE city of Illinois at one point. Also, the name of this city is mentioned a LOT in The Simpsons...are they talking about the same SPRINGFIELD?

There you go people, Springfield Illinois is the booziest city, the drunkest, hardest partying city in Illinois! Check out these awesome stats, bottoms up!

 Adults binge or heavy drinking: 23.8% (Illinois: 22.9%)
 Driving deaths involving alcohol: 24.0% (Illinois: 28.8%)
 Median household income: $62,590 (Illinois: $68,428)
 Metro area population: 208,224


That top stat is pretty glaring...Nearly a quarter of the adult population of Springfield, IL...heavy binge drinkers. Wow! A lot to celebrate down there? A lot of sorrows to drown? Have any of you down there ever tossed back a cold one with Homer Simpson?

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