Most criminals have no fear when it comes to breaking the law but this restaurant in Wisconsin has made the "no steal" list for thieves.

Wisconsin Criminals Aren't Afraid To Break The Law

More than ever criminals in Wisconsin, Illinois, or anywhere else for a matter of fact are getting braver. There isn't a crime they are afraid to try and pull off. If it's a difficult job, they come up with some sort of "Oceans 11" type scheme to get it done. Of course, most of the time they get arrested for the crime in the end.

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Why Do Thieves Avoid Stealing From This Pizza Restaurant?

It's not very often that a thief or any other criminal will avoid committing a crime, so why have the bad guys been skipping this pizza joint in Wisconsin as a robbery target? That's an interesting question. The thieves actually don't want to take that chance. Is it because of armed guards or security? What's got them scared off? The building used to be a bank.

Wisconsin Pizza Joint Is Former Bank
Wisconsin Pizza Joint Is Former Bank

Former Wisconsin Bank Is Now A Pizza Joint

The location used to be the Johnson Bank Building in Kenosha. In fact, people still pop in wanting to make a deposit. Nowadays, if you give the staff money, you're going to get pizza back in exchange. That's because the business is now a Pizza Hut.

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The building still has all the security features of a working bank like a vault with a door that is a foot thick and double-paned bulletproof windows to just name a couple of the safety features. It's enough to deter any would-be thieves. It's definitely not worth the effort. Sorry, they can't pass out your order by the former bank drive-thru tubes.

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