If you don't like the extreme heat and are hoping for a mild summer in Illinois, then you might want to start saving now to cover your air conditioning bills because it's expected to be a hot one this year.

Extreme Heat Predicted For Illinois This Summer

Is it just me or doesn't it seem like the weather gets more extreme each year in Illinois? Every summer it gets hotter and hotter. To enjoy the type of temperatures we experienced when I was growing up, you'd have to move to Canada.

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Believe it or not, last summer was the hottest year ever. Not just in Illinois but across the country. Even though it's usually very dry during those kinds of temperatures, that kind of heat can produce some very dangerous storms too.

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Hot IL Summer (Xurzon)

I don't mind hot weather. I like it better than the cold. This kind of heat is ridiculous. My electric bill is going to be crazy expensive to try and stay cool in the house. I wouldn't be surprised if deodorant prices skyrocketed too.

The average number of days that break 90 degrees in Illinois is around 17. Last summer, we crushed the record with 21. This year, the prediction is we will break that mark and have somewhere between 22 to 27 days of over 90. That's almost a full month which is crazy to think about.


I feel bad for the children because, throughout the school year, they just look forward to summer. Unfortunately, with this kind of weather and temperatures, it's hard for them to enjoy it. I guess that gives the kids an excuse to stay indoors and play video games all day. When I was growing up, we would just hit the public pool.

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