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Ladies and gents, the pleasure is all mine to introduce you to Brian L. Shadwell, who might be the DUMBEST criminal you've ever met. Where to start with this bonehead...

Inside An Auckland Methaphetamine Lab
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Brian was nabbed for trespassing on property near Lake Paradise, Illinois. Brian was driving a LAWN TRACTOR that was pulling a trailer. So let's get this straight, dude is out for a joy ride on a lawn tractor, on someone else's property? Well, there's way more to it.

A small bag of methamphetamine (P) weighing one gr
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On the trailer that Brian was hauling, was all the things needed for a METH LAB. Fella was looking for an abandoned area in the middle of nowhere to put together a secret meth lab....Might as well load up the lawn tractor and go look for a spot.

Man mowing the grass on a riding mower

Here's what dude had on his trailer...

  • One-gallon jar containing cold medicine pill materials
  • Coffee filters
  • Items traditionally used in the manufacture of methamphetamine,
  • 11 containers of “generators” used in meth production

Oh, and a chainsaw that he stole. Seriously, a chainsaw...OK but we haven't got to the best part of the story...this abandoned wooded property that he was hiding out on, setting up this meth lab??? It belonged to Mattoon, Illinois Police Chief Jason Taylor.

So much for scouting out the area, Brian.

Busted, stupid, really busted, but he had a chainsaw. Thanks for the laugh, Brian.

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