I can't believe summer is almost over because it really seems like it just started.

Summer In Illinois Is Almost Over

I realize there are official days for the start of each season but I go with how it feels. For me, summer kicks off Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. Nowadays, by the start of September, all the kids are back in school and the activities are starting to ramp up.

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Fit In Those Last Minute Summer Activities In Illinois

Of course, we still have some nice weather to enjoy before fall rolls in. That's why it's important to take advantage of this remaining time we have left. Think about the list of things you wanted to do this summer that you haven't quite gotten to yet. Well, you can still do most of them. Let's think about five activities to fit in before it's too late.

Five Things To Do In Illinois Before The Summer Ends
Five Things To Do In Illinois Before The Summer Ends

Five Things To Do In Illinois Before The Summer Ends

# 1 Baseball

  • You can go big with a Cubs, White Sox, or Brewers game. How about staying local and watching some kids play? How adventurous are you feeling? Grab some friends and set up a pick-up game at a nearby park.

# 2 Swimming

  • There's a good chance someone you know still has their pool open so drop some hints. Otherwise, grab the family and get yourself a hotel room for the night.

# 3 Camping

  • This is a great family bonding activity. Get out into nature and leave the technology behind.

# 4 Biking

  • Did you forget about those bicycles hanging up in your garage? They are calling your name. There are many amazing bike paths in and around Rockford, take advantage of them.

# 5 Amusement Park

  • This is the perfect time to go. The weather isn't too hot and the lines are much shorter.

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