It's only halfway through February and 2021 is proving to be just as wild as 2020. It's really important that you take time to take care of yourself. That doesn't mean hiding in the closet from your kids to relax. That means telling the family you'll be back in a few hours because you have something planned just for you.

I think I found the perfect way to get away and relax for a bit. Have you ever seen those Himalayan salt lamps? They look like this -


Here's a little blurb from WebMD about salt lamps and what they do -


So imagine that little lamp, but in cave form. Sounds pretty relaxing right? Well just an hour and a half from Rockford you can experience that relaxation. It all goes down at the Primal Oceans Salt Cave in La Grange.

Even the description of the salt cave on the website had me relaxed. Check out how they detail the experience -

Upon entering our Salt Cave you will be surrounded by literally tons of Pink Himalayan Salt. Absorb the beauty of the salt boulders and bricks that line the walls. As you walk to your reclining chair feel the thick beach of crushed salt that lies beneath your feet as you walk. Breathing in the salt particles that are concentrated in the salt cave has been known to be a natural benefit to the upper respiratory system. The 84 trace minerals the salt carries are also absorbed. Additionally, the salt generates negative ions which help purify and balance your body’s ratio of negative to positive ions. During a session you will be covered with clean, warm Sherpa blanket. Relaxing music will play, and the stars will guide your mind to a place of relaxation…Breathe, Relax, and Enjoy!

Sign me all the way up for that type of relaxation! It's only $35 for an hour session which isn't bad at all.  Want to book a session? You have to call to make an appointment. You can call them at 708-482-2505.
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